Engage exceptional attorneys on flexible or permanent terms while reducing risk, protecting value, and advancing diversity.

Tenor excels in placing elite legal talent. Our approach emphasizes inclusion, innovation, and holistic solutions to talent challenges.

Excellence Through Inclusion

At Tenor, we celebrate excellence in all its forms and welcome exceptional attorneys across the spectrum.
We believe that securing the best possible legal talent and delivering on inclusivity commitments don’t merely coexist as business goals. Rather, they are outcomes that reinforce each other and provide a significant advantage to organizations that achieve them. Tenor can play a powerful role in ensuring that the excellence across the tapestry of law is seen and valued.

Our capabilities combine to deliver high-impact results.

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Fast Placements Without Ever Compromising on Quality

When clients need to get a legal hire right, and quickly, we shine. Our network, legal talent know-how, and process-driven approach are the difference makers.

Our candidate proposals reflect our network and sourcing strength, and so much more. They are (1) informed by our understanding of the underlying client need; (2) shaped by our understanding of an attorney’s hard and soft skills, (3) enhanced by our view on the appropriate placement model; and (4) reflective of our matchmaking prowess to ensure alignment.

Our candidate proposals emphasize quality over quantity, reflecting an extensive curation effort on our part. We avoid having our clients carry the burden of having to churn through a haystack of resumes.

It all adds up to Tenor delivering talent solutions, with speed, that resonate.


Placement Arrangements That Fit Your Business Needs

Tenor offers wide-ranging placement models to align with clients’ specific needs. Whether you’re looking for consulting placements with high-caliber attorneys on assignment, direct-hire solutions, or a blend of both in transitional placements, Tenor delivers bespoke talent arrangements for a multitude of scenarios.

Our comprehensive talent deployment allows us to serve as a one-stop solution, offering clients enhanced operational efficiencies, significant cost savings, better-aligned talent strategies, and deeper organizational insights.


Relationship Driven & Strategic

We are a premium, high-touch boutique by design. Our size and positioning not only allow us to be highly selective in the lawyers and clients we partner with, but it also enables us to do more for them. We value long-term strategic partnerships over transactional one-offs; and depth over superficial engagement.


Flexible Placement Services Backed by Ongoing Support

Tenor’s placements are offered as permanent, consulting, or hybrid roles depending on the business’s desired outcome. We work with your company to determine what skill gaps exist and which professionals are best equipped to expand your operations. From there, we assign a specialist through one of our three placement styles.

After placement, we support our attorneys and clients through Placement+, a curated suite of services that provide ongoing value to every placement from performance best practices to wellness programming. By continually investing in our talent and our clients, we aim to provide a level of service no other talent provider in this space can match.

Why Attorneys Join Tenor